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About Dawei 


Dawei, a town formerly known as Tavoy is in the south-eastern part of Myanmar in Tanintharyi Region, formerly known as Tenasserim Division which is about 614 km (382 miles) south of Yangon. Dawei is the capital of Tanintharyi Region which is one of the Southern Myanmar cities known as 'the melting pot' as the Budhist, Muslims, Christians and Hindus live together despite their differences. Dawei Region is  a very important  city for the  trading. It is  covered with the coconut and betel nut palms which give the city a tropical jungle feel, and its major products are rice, rubber, teakwood, cashew nuts, betel nuts, oil-palm and fruits such as pineapples, a variety of mangoes, mangosteens, and durian.  


The long-delayed Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project is one of the massive controversial projects in Myanmar; consisting of a deep-sea port set to rival Singapore's and the largest industrial zone in Southeast Asia. Part-funded by Thailand and Japan, the project is controversial, with many locals citing rights abuses such as forced land confiscations and concerns over the environmental impact. 


The people of Dawei are delightfully friendly and is a good place to base yourself as you explore the surrounding beaches. Attractions include Paya Ge Art works, historical colonial architecture, early morning fish market and a delightful array of cottage industries. Also, there are a number of stunning, untouched white sandy beaches to be discovered in the area. Whilst Maungmagan is one of the most famouse beaches in Southern Myanmar with hotels to stay at, as well as beachside restaurants, making it a good base to explore the more remote beaches in the area. 


How to Get to Dawei? 


By air: Dawei Airport serves Myeik and Yangon. Myanmar National Airlines has a flight to Dawei daily apart from Air KBZ and APEX airlines. Dawei’s airport has the old Tavoy code TVY and is located a couple of kilometres out of town on the northeast side. For flight/ticket booking, please contact us here.

By road: Dawei can be reached by road from Yangon, and from Thailand through the border crossing: Mae Sot - Myawaddy, Ranong - Kawthaung, and Phunamron - Dawei. From Kanchanaburi to Phunamron (A new border crossing), you simply take a public bus. We recommend you Sasanan Transport Service which runs from 08:00 am. - 07:00 pm. on a daily basis; and from the border to Dawei, you can buy a ticket/rent a private taxi from us here

By boat: As of now (2018), public boats between Kawthaung, Myeik and Dawei are not running.


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