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 About Mawlamyine (Moulmein)


Mawlamyine is the fourth largest city in Myanmar after Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw; located 180 kilometers east of the nation's capital across the Gulf of Mottama at the mouth of the Thanlwin River. It’s very much the gateway to the long, narrow ribbon of southern, peninsular Burma, wedged between the Tenasserim ranges to the east on the Thai border and Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean to the west.  It is the capital of Mon State with a population of about 400,000 people. The population is Mon, Karen, Sino-Burmese and a large ethnic Indian population. Mawlamyine is formerly known as Moulmein and was once a major port and the capital of British Lower Burma. The town's signature landmark is Kyaikthanlan pagoda built in 875 AD and  thought to be the site from where Rudyard Kipling wrote his famous poem, 'The Road to Mandalay' --- "By the old Moulmein pagoda lookin’ lazy at the sea…," wrote Rudyard Kipling on his 1889 visit. Today, Mawlamyine still looks sleepy and charming old town. 

The Thanlwin Bridge, the longest road and Rail Bridge in Myanmar is the most prominent landmark in the area. It stretches a distance of 11,000 feet over the Thanlwin River connecting the country's south eastern region with Yangon. Mawlamyine does have a charm of its own with its rich history, buildings with colonial style architecture, World War II era wooden buses, and its close proximity to the infamous Siam-Burma "death railway", making it a fascinating place to visit!!


How to Get to Mawlamyine?

By air: Mawlamyine is a 40 minute flight from Yangon with the only service being provided by Myanmar National Airlines using either the ATR42 or ATR72 aircraft. There are currently two flights per week from Yangon to Mawlamyine on Monday and Friday. 

By bus: Mawlamyine can be reached by bus from Yangon and Dawei as well as connected with the road to Myawaddy/Mae Sot border. Regular bus services leave Yangon for Mawlamyine nightly and it takes about 7 hours to get to Mawlamyine. From Myawaddy-Mae Sot border, it takes about 5 hours to reach Mawlamyine and about 7 hours from Dawei. For ticket/private transfer, please contact here.

By train: Two trains services depart Yangon to Mawlamyine per day, with the first leaving Yangon at 6:00 AM and arriving Mawlamyine at 3:30 PM, and the next service leaving Yangon 7:15 AM and arriving Mawlamyine at 6:30 PM. For the return journey back to Yangon, the morning service departs Mawlamyine at 6:00 AM and arrives Yangon at 3:45 PM and the next train departs Mawlamyine at 10:00 AM and arrives Yangon at 8:00 PM. There are two classes; Upper Class and Ordinary Class.


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